Sunday, February 28, 2016

Do YOU know what A FHA Loan is?

FHA Loans can be very powerful

  • Low down payment
  • more lenient credit requirements
  • easier to qualify for than conventional mortgages
  • Perfect for the 1st time home owner
  • Perfect for the Georgia Dream down payment program....( check out my post on the Georgia Dream
  • Insured by the Federal Housing Adminstration
So what do lenders look at to approve you for FHA?


  • Credit history
  • Capacity to repay
  • Cash assets available to close the mortgage
  • Collateral
FHA loans are great for single family homes but can be used to purchase suburban homes, condos, multi unit properties.

You can get into an FHA loan with 580 or better scores.  


500-579 will get you 90% toward your purchase

580 or better will get you the maximum financing amount.......96.5%.....

The real reason I like this loan is the low down payment.......... 3.5% down is all you need.  Boom

Sad thing is you can only have 1 FHA loan products at a time.

If you have some CREDIT issues( this includes chapter 13 bankruptcy)  don't worry.... less then perfect will work here, I they want to see is 

an history of reliable income and steady payments over the last 12-24 months

Would you like some more info about this type of loan product?

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Friday, February 26, 2016

Georgia Dream Home Ownership Program

The Georgia Dream Home Ownership Program....

Makes it possible to afford your first mortgage through down payment assistance for eligible home buyers.

Easy to qualify! 

Perfect for

  • first-time home buyers
  • those who have not owned a home in the past three years
  • those who purchase a home in targeted areas

Maximum Household Income

1-2 persons $69,000
3- or more persons $79,500

sales price can not exceed $250,000

Borrower Must
  • use the loan in conjunction with a Georgia Dream First Mortgage Loan
  • complete individual credit counseling
Contribute a minimum of $1000 to the purchase transaction

  • 30 year fixed interest rate mortgages
  • Can be used with FHA,USDA-RD, VA or conventional uninsured mortgage loans


Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Should I lease my house or Sell It?

In such a hot real estate market, I always get the question should I lease or sell my house.  I have a bias perspective, because I invest in real estate I always say don't sell.  Like Robert Kiyosaki says, the market may drop but people will always need a place to live.  Rental rates are jumping and I truly believe in owning HARD ASSESTS they are the best investments to have in your future.  Real Estate, gold, and other precious metals are great assests to have during hard times.  The tax advantages real estate provides can change your financial situation.

Selling right now has some strong advantages.
1.   More money- in a hot market houses don't sit too long, you can get a good price sometimes more than what you ask
2.   More buyers- low rates right now means lots of buyers looking and getting pre approved.

It comes down to cash flow/ tax advantages or capital gains and cash out.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

Write down your must have's 1-10

There is no perfect house, but you can get close.  Listing the desires you want in a house helps you and your realtor drill through the MLS to find the house that could meet your needs.  More importantly, it helps to organize your thoughts, eliminates distractions, and speeds up your search process.

So put it on paper!!!!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Sooooo You want to buy a house

Your wasting your time if your not approved.  The worst  feeling is finding a house you like and finding out you can't buy it.  It's worst then missing your closing because you over slept or forgot.  Sounds crazy right.  You would never do that right?  Well your walking on the wild side.  If your agent let's you do it then fire them.  The worst feeling is seeing that home you like under contract.  If your going to look, don't draw your realtor into the search, Duncan your bias......memmm........yep.  So get your money right and don't wast your time.